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Welcome to UltraSlim Residential

Take control of your life in the beautiful countryside of Florida using modern-day science that makes weight loss easy and tested and proven weight loss and habit changing methods designed to turn your life around.

Let’s be honest for a minute…

You’ve allowed your weight to remain uncontrolled for long enough, and now it has serious detrimental effects on your life and the lives of those around you. Not only are relationships suffering, but also the quality of your life overall– mentally, physically, and even in terms of longevity. You owe it to yourself and your closest family members to take action against this pervasive problem that affects more Americans than not.

But you know that, and so does everyone else. That’s why you tried that fad diet and starved yourself for weeks only to see yourself losing muscle, not fat! That’s why you worked with that abusive personal trainer that thought insulting you was “motivational” and seems to get more genuine joy from lifting hunks of metal than spending time with loved ones. That’s why you looked into cosmetic surgery until you saw just how much you really had to lose… and it was not just weight!

If this seems a bit personal, IT IS! Nothing is more personal than your own body, and no one deserves to feel out of control of the few things that are truly theirs, your life, your time, and your health. Our personal experience drove us to make something better, something that actually works.

Why UltraSlim Residential?

At UltraSlim Residential, you will embark on your weight loss journey and return a new happy, healthy, and confident self.

During your 4-week stay, we will use state-of-the-art medical fat loss equipment and tried and true methods to:

  • Help you shed pounds starting day one and take control of your life
  • Expose you to new outdoor activities that will make you excited to get out of bed
  • Develop new habits and skills to keep the pounds off while still having fun
  • Prepare delicious and nutritious meals for yourself and others
What is the UltraSlim difference?

What makes UltraSlim Residential different than any other weight loss retreat is our unique technology UltraSlim.

UltraSlim is the only device FDA-approved for immediate noninvasive fat reduction. Patients lose an average of 3.5 inches and 1.6 liters of pure fat in just 32 minutes.

This unique technology allows you to start your weight journey with immediate success. There is no initial hump to get over before you start seeing results. You will see your body start to change from day one! Each cabin is equipped with a dedicated UltraSlim device just for you to use as often as you want!

Why work out when you can participate in activities?

At UltraSlim Residential, we understand that traditional exercise can be mundane and tedious, which is why we offer activities that are both fun and rewarding. From yoga to birding to fishing the property’s lakes and creek, there is something for everyone. You can explore the area’s springs and geological wonders while kayaking or boating, take cooking classes to learn how to make delicious meals with healthy ingredients, try target practice or archery, or simply sit around a bonfire while enjoying music.These activities not only provide an enjoyable experience, but they also offer physical benefits that you may not get from traditional exercises, such as improved balance, coordination, posture, and strength. Not to mention you are a lot more likely to enjoy and actually do them! Additionally, these activities allow for more exploration of nature rather than being confined indoors. With our outdoor activities, you can relax in the fresh air of the outdoors while still getting a great workout!

Why starve when you can learn to eat like a king?

We all know by now that extreme diet fads, where you starve yourself, rarely work in the long run. That’s why at UltraSlim Residential, we are focused on providing well-developed plans made by professional nutritionists and chefs that not only provide better results but also taste better. Our team will teach you how to make healthy lifestyle choices while still enjoying delicious meals and snacks. We know healthy food only works when you actually want to eat it, and it ends up in your stomach, not the trash. We believe this is the key to sustainable weight

loss success without feeling deprived or overwhelmed by meal prep or strict diets. Become the envy of your neighborhood as they come over and see how well you eat without gaining weight. Why wait when you can start taking control of your life, just like our founder did?


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Spend four weeks away from the temptations of the world with all the support you need to accomplish your goals.


Return home happy, healthy, and armed with the tools to stay that way!

UltraSlim Residential

Your weight loss solution.

At UltraSlim Residential, we recognize that you desire to live a life of control. To make this possible, it’s important to have the help of professionals who are trained in the area of health and wellness. Unfortunately, almost everyone becomes discouraged after just two weeks when they don’t see the desired results and feel defeated and hopeless. It’s natural to feel discouraged when you sacrifice so much and don’t see the benefits.  This is why we have taken a different approach to provide a successful solution that involves science-based solutions instead of starvation, intense workouts, and self-flagellation. 

Our revolutionary process uses state-of-the-art noninvasive fat loss technology combined with activities that are both fun and rewarding for clients. Additionally, our professional nutritionists and chefs customize delicious food plans that are tailored to each individual’s needs. By choosing UltraSlim Residential as your source for weight-loss results, you can finally say goodbye to antiquated methods that never seem to work and hello to a healthier lifestyle with permanent results. Our team will offer personalized guidance that isn’t “one-size-fits-all” advice, so you can reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by failure. 

Schedule your escape from unappetizing boiled chicken breasts and stop struggling with exercise routines that were never meant to work for you, and start getting results today that will last a lifetime.

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