UltraSlim® Residential is the perfect place to start your weight loss journey. The stunning lake-filled nature preserve in the Nature Coast of Florida is just 15 minutes away from the stunning Gulf of Mexico. You’ll have access to one of ten exclusive private lakefront cottages with central services located in the lake house. And you won’t be distracted by any temptations or external pressures – no taxis, no Uber, no food delivery services – just pure focus on transforming yourself and your habits one day at a time.

Not only will you enjoy the beauty and serenity of your private lakefront cottage, designed specifically for UltraSlim® Residential by its inventor, but you’ll also be able to access the proven UltraSlim® technology 24/7. With its helipad meeting FAA standards and 24/7 night-vision illumination for pilots flying in bad weather or fog for safety reasons, you can rest assured that your stay will be safe as well as beautiful and relaxing.

The nature surrounding UltraSlim® Residential is nothing short of idyllic; over 500 acres filled with birds, fish, and wildlife are accessible through more than four miles of roads and trails. Enjoying it all in peace is possible too; you won’t hear any traffic noise or sirens while there – just the calming sounds of nature to help you reset and unwind so that you can better focus on achieving long-term results with your weight loss goals.


At UltraSlim Residential, we understand that traditional exercise can be mundane and tedious, which is why we offer activities that are both fun and rewarding. From Yoga to birding to fishing, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Kayaking or boating allows you to explore the area’s beautiful springs and geological wonders while also getting an enjoyable workout. Cooking classes are a great way to learn how to make delicious meals with healthy ingredients. At the same time, target practice and archery give you an opportunity for more challenging and competitive physical activities. And for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, we offer bonfires complete with music as a chance to simply kick back

and take in the fresh air or you can catch up on your fishing at idyllic Lake Inspire.

Our outdoor activities provide more than just physical benefits – they can also help improve balance, coordination, posture, and strength. Additionally, these activities are more likely to be enjoyed due to the fun factor associated with them. With our diverse selection of activities available at UltraSlim Residential, you will have plenty of opportunities to get fit without sacrificing your enjoyment in the process!


At UltraSlim Residential, we understand that healthy eating is just as important as physical activity when it comes to achieving long-term weight loss success. That’s why we have worked closely with chefs and professional nutritionists to create delicious meal plans that you can replicate at home after your stay with us. Our meals are designed to provide balanced nutrition while also being tasty enough to keep you on track with your goals. Each meal plan is individualized. During your stay, you will work directly with a trained nutritionist who will design a plan to fit your needs. All of our dishes are cooked fresh daily using only the highest quality ingredients available, ensuring that each bite is nutritious, filling, and flavorful!

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