Frequently Asked Questions

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-Are my results guaranteed?

UltraSlim Residential plans guarantee 20 pounds lost over four weeks for all participants that adhere to the plans provided by our experts. See terms here.

- What amenities does the facility have for guest entertainment and relaxation?

From Yoga to birding to fishing, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Kayaking or boating allows you to explore the area’s beautiful springs and geological wonders while also getting an enjoyable workout. Cooking classes are a great way to learn how to make delicious meals with healthy ingredients. At the same time, target practice and archery give you an opportunity for more challenging and competitive physical activities. And for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, we offer bonfires complete with music as a chance to simply kick back and take in the fresh air or you can catch up on your fishing at idyllic Lake Inspire.

- Does UltraSlim Residential provide transportation services?

UltraSlim Residential provides concierge pickup from the Gainesville airport and all of northern Florida. Talk with a member of our team to learn more.

- How do I access the UltraSlim technology while staying there?

UltraSlim is available in each cottage for personal use. On your first day, you will be trained no how to use the technology unassisted.

- Are meals provided during my stay at UltraSlim Residential?

You will work with a nutritionist one-on-one to develop a plan that works for your needs.

- Who designs the meal plans for guests of UltraSlim Residential?

We only work with a certified nutritionist to design your meal plan.

- What type of ingredients do you use in your meals and recipes?

A variety of fresh ingredients are used to make nutritious and delicious meals that can be made at home.

- Is there a maximum length of stay at UltraSlim Residential?

Absolutely not. Visits are booked in 4-week increments, and you may stay as long as needed.

- Are there private rooms available at UltraSlim Residential?

All cottages are private but spacious enough to house two.

- What safety measures are in place for guests staying overnight?

A helipad is on-site for emergencies requiring hospitalization.

- Does the facility offer any discounts or packages?

UltraSlim Residential is here for you, whether it is just you or a group of up to 20. Call and learn more about our group pricing.

- Are kids allowed to stay at UltraSlim Residential?

UltraSlim Residential is here to help clients of all ages. Children require adult supervision but are allowed and encouraged.

- Are pets allowed to stay with me at UltraSlim Residential?

Cats and Dogs are allowed but must remain on a leash at all times.

- Are there any additional costs associated with meals, activities, or treatments while staying at UltraSlim Residential?

UltraSlim Residential is an all-inclusive retreat. There are no additional costs while staying with us.

- How often do I get to meet with nutritionists and other specialists during my stay?

You will meet with a nutritionist early in your stay and may contact them again if adjustments to your plan are needed.

- Can I bring family members along to participate in activities and weigh-ins while visiting UltraSlim Residential

Stays are booked by the cottage, and we encourage you to bring a spouse or loved one.

- Is the facility accessible to those with disabilities?

UltraSlim Residential is not ideal for those with movement impairments that limit them to a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Outdoor life is a large part of the experience and that can be very limiting.

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