Our Mission and Founder

Terry J. Ward Sr., M.H.A., founded UltraSlim Residential to help people struggling with weight loss. He was born in 1955 in rural Bolivia, North Carolina, and worked on a tobacco farm throughout his youth. He earned his master’s in health administration from Duke University. He put this degree to work running one of the largest home healthcare agencies in North Carolina, allowing him to help tens of thousands of high-need patients. After the wild success, he semi-retired to Florida to be a business consultant for doctors in the Sunshine State.

As a Southern boy raised on country-cured ham and fried foods, Terry struggled with his weight all his life. By 2009 he was classified as obese, and his doctor told him that as a 5’10” man at 250 pounds in his 50s, he either needed to get his life or his affairs in order.


Terry was in shock. His first grandson had just been born. He had two kids about to graduate from high school, and his oldest daughter was fast-tracking through college with her newborn in tow. He thought about his daughters walking down the aisle alone. He thought about his grandkids being born and not having their grandfather in their lives. He couldn’t let his weight stop him, so Terry did what he does best. He buckled down, did the research, and started throwing himself at weight loss.

It was Time for a Change...

He started a diet based on Fasting (starving yourself) he had read that had great results online. He began to run in the hot Florida sun to sweat out the fat. He even got a personal trainer to try and get help and motivation to succeed.

After two months of hard work and suffering, he discovered his new diet, which only allotted tasteless food, was decreasing his muscle mass without him losing any weight. He ran until he vomited over and over without seeing the results, and his trainer decided it was “motivational” to insult him and push him past his limits. He ended up injured and losing all momentum. He was worse off for trying than when he started, and all of this time, work, and picky eating did was to separate him from his family. They couldn’t eat together, or he would find himself salivating and staring with envy at their plates. He tried to make the house match his

habits but saw that his growing children could not sustain this ridiculous diet. All of the time he spent at the gym and running was time he wasn’t spending with his family.

This realization sent him into a depression, and he relapsed into his old habits. It didn’t seem right to him. Other people were able to do this, but he couldn’t. He surely wasn’t the only one that struggled with this. He spoke with the doctors that he consulted with and found no empathy, only barbaric suggestions of surveys like liposuction, which would vacuum out the fat and could make him look irregular or bariatric surgery, where they would go in and remove 80% of his stomach in the hopes that would curb his appetite. Both of these came with a lot of risks he just wasn’t willing to put his family through.

After months of effort with no result, Terry had to face the music. He had failed.

Or Had He?

A year later, in 2010, one of the doctors Terry consulted came to him with two tickets for dinner. Some medical device company claiming they had a device that, after six treatments, patients would lose 2 inches without diet or exercise. “Yeah, right, well, at least it’s a free meal.” thought Terry before agreeing to go. After a convincing pitch, Terry decided to try it for himself. He got results from his series and was interested. They weren’t as impressive as he was expecting, but it did do something. He found himself fascinated by the technology. How had he never heard of something like this? Fat loss without dieting or exercise? It was the Holy Grail of fat loss, but it didn’t quite seem to be cooked yet.

“I’ve got to be a part of this.” he thought. He purchased a device and began a mobile laser slimming company with the hopes of helping people in his situation break through that initial hurdle. Things went well for some time, but he found that his patients had the same feelings about the technology he did.


“Patients got results but weren’t happy and did not return for more treatments or refer other patients.”

He dove into the technology, and after months of research and consulting with scientists from NASA and medical professionals, he made his breakthrough. With adjustments to the power output, modulation, and switching from lasers to LEDs, he got greater results. That’s when the first UltraSlim was built. He was able to get 3.5 inches or 1.6 liters of fat removed in not two weeks but in one treatment. This one 32-minute treatment averaged 11,000 calories of loss in patients, more than they would lose in over 40 hours on a spin cycle!

He was the test subject and lost tremendously! He started using the UltraSlim regularly, and the energy and the boost of confidence it gave him let him start making better habits in his life. With his renewed vigor, he was able to find nutritious foods that actually tasted good! Rather than dealing with lunkheads that found it “fun” to pick up and drop metal, he found outdoor activities that got him active and spending time with his family! It was easy to cut out the junk and get more active because from day one, he was able to see results, and he was enjoying what he was doing and eating! He now allowed himself hope again, and it felt good.

He was able to spend time with his grandson and keep up with him. He was able to be there for his kids and start working with them on his new project. He was closer to his family than ever and had lost over 50 pounds!

Finally! Something That Actually Works!

Terry threw himself at this new project. The world deserved to have the success he had. He founded Ward Photonics in 2014, got the UltraSlim FDA-approved in 2015, and began distributing devices nationwide. By late 2020 he had built a fat loss device empire with his son. The business was going well, but it had been several years since Terry had been face-to-face with a client and had heard firsthand how they had worked together to overcome their challenges and change their lives together. He was tired of the suit and missed helping people face to face, and he knew there were people who needed more help than most locations gave.

That is why he founded UltraSlim Residential. Unlike most weight loss retreats, that are owned by individuals who have never experienced the struggle of their clients, Terry has been through the worst of it and came out on top. Because he understands diet and exercise, while important, aren’t always enough. You need a push to succeed. You need something big that is going to make a difference. UltraSlim made that difference for him, and he knows it will make that difference for you.

By using UltraSlim, focusing on fun activities and nutritious food with good portions that actually taste good, he was able to succeed. Today Terry is 68, weighs 174 pounds, and is in the best shape of his life since leaving his childhood farm. He wants you to have that success, for you to feel and look better, for you to get more time with your family and live a happy, healthy, long life.

So don’t wait. Schedule today for your 4-week program and emulate his success.